Glass and Mirror Colors

Standard Glass Colors

We have both clear float glass, which is the type typically used, and low iron glass that has less of the green tint that you normally see.  The picture below shows the visual difference between these two types of glass.  Although low iron is a premium product, sometimes it is the perfect solution to your design requirements. 

Standard Mirror Colors

We stock mirror in clear as well as bronze and gray.  Other colors and thicknesses are also readily available.

Readily Available Antique Mirror

Due to its popularity, we offer Avian antique mirror for better availability and pricing, and allows us to sell you cut pieces instead of sheets.  Remember that each piece is made by hand and has variations within each sheet and from sheet-to-sheet.  Below is a sample that shows it's silvery cloud-like pattern:


Custom Antique Mirror Choices

The following patterns are made to order which gives each piece a unique custom appearance because no 2 are exactly alike.  They are only available in full or half sheets, and there will be crating and shipping fees in addition to the cost of the mirror.  Please keep in mind that since these patterns are not stocked, you will need to allow enough time for manufacturing, shipping, and fabrication to meet your project's due dates.