Diamon Fusion® - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key advantages of Diamon-Fusion®?

It makes surfaces easier to clean and more resistant to scratching - a perfect mate for glass.

What types of products can you apply Diamon-Fusion® to?

There are lots of our products that are perfect candidates for this patented surface protection. We recommend Diamon-Fusion® for shower enclosures (especially if you have hard water), glass tables, and transaction tops. Give us a call to discuss if this is a good option for your product.

Is Diamon-Fusion considered "self-cleaning?

No. True self cleaning glass was developed for exterior use, is extremely expensive, and requires direct sunlight to activate the process. Diamon-Fusion uses a different process that smooths the glass so that dirt cannot attach itself to the surface, making cleaning significantly easier that untreated glass. And since it does not require sunligth to work. it can be used throughout the house.

What kind of care and maintenance does Diamon-Fusion® require?

Although the coating does not eliminate the need for routine maintenance, it dramatically reduces it. You should routinely flush the surface with cool water, and occasionally wipe with mild soap and a non-abrasive pad like a nylon body scrubber. The warmer and dirtier the water, the greater the surface tension and spotting, thus shower doors require more maintenance than other applications. You should never use harsh chemicals nor abrasive pads.

Does Diamon Fusion® discolor the glass?

Not at all. It is in fact optically clear and is guaranteed not to discolor, chip, haze, or peel off since the chemical bond created is permanent and integral to the surface.

What if I accidentally damages my Diamon Fusion® treated surface?

No worries! Unlike most other surface protectors, Diamon Fusion® can be repaired in the field by our certified technicians.

Can you put Diamon Fusion® on my existing shower?

We are licensed to come to your home and apply the coating. However, we are doing this on a very limited basis at this time. There are many factors that ultimately determine if the process will work properly.  Please contact us to see if your specific application qualifies.

Does Diamon-Fusion® wear out?

No.  The treated surface will repel water and oil better than untreated glass for the lifetime of the product.  However, depending on its use and exposure, the surface's water-sheeting performance will decrease over time. The coating is still working, but may require "revitalization" to restore it to its original condition. We can provide you with the product for you to apply when the time comes.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

Yes, and an outstanding one at that! Diamon Fusion® Patented Nano-Coating guarantees that treated surfaces will remain more repellent than untreated glass for the lifetime of the glass as long as the maintenance procedures are followed and no harsh nor abrasive cleaners are used. Read more about the warranty here.

How does Diamon-Fusion® compare to other surface protectors on the market?

We believe that Diamon-Fusion® is the best. It actually chemically bonds to the silica molecules in glass unlike other products that just sit on the top, or are ruined if they are scratched.

This almost sounds too good to be true. Is Diamon-Fusion® a proven product?

Diamon-Fusion® was first introduced to the market in 1996, so it has stood the test of time for many years. We are confident that the product does perform per the inventor's claims that they back up with their warranty.