Custom Mirror Products

Mirrors of Any Size and Any Shape...

Clearlight has the mirror and expertise to meet any requirement .  We carry many different thicknesses and colors including antique mirror styles, and we make everything to order.  Give us your measurements or bring us your frame, tell us what you like, then let our experts make the perfect mirror for your project. 

For any location in your home including:

  • Accent mirrors mounted in a frame or simply frameless
  • Fitted mirrors for bathrooms and powder rooms
  • Full floor to ceiling mirrors for exercise rooms
  • Mirrors behind bookshelves and bars
  • Mirrored shelves for cabinets
  • Mirror appliqués on furniture

And with many options to match any decor:

  • Beveled mirrors for an elegant look
  • Mirrors with polished edges for a clean sleek look
  • Beveled mirror strips in sizes ranging from 2" to 6" wide or more
  • Beveled mirrored corners and intersection pieces for decoration
  • Mirrored wall plates for light switches and electrical outlets

Too big or too complex?

Need it to fit on your wall?  Need it to fit around switches and outlets?  Too large for you to handle?  Or just need some advice?  No problem!  Our experts are happy listen to your ideas and provide you with a range of options.  Once your design is finalized, we can come and do precise measurements, fabricate it to your specifications in our factory, and install it once it is complete.

Concerned about safety?

Mirrors cannot be tempered, but we can apply a safety backing that meets/exceeds code requirements for extra strength and safety.  We can advise you on when this backing is a good idea. 

Are there too many choices?

Can't decide?  Give us a call for a free consultation.