Shower Enclosures - Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting my project - do you offer free consultation?

Absolutely!  There is no better time to talk to us than before you start. We enjoy discussing your project and suggesting the best design for your situation. Also, by involving us early in the process, we may be able to help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Do you do bathroom remodeling?

Sorry, we don't. We are glass and mirror experts and we like to stay focused on our strengths. We do work with many excellent companies who do quality work. Give us a call to discuss your specific project needs and we can provide you with some contractors in your area.

I don't want to see any metal on my new shower. Do you offer something that is mostly glass?

Yes we do. This style is called “frameless” and it is our specialty. Older style, less expensive designs use lots of metal because the glass is very thin and needs structural support. Our frameless style uses thick heavy glass that does not need metal for strength and needs only limited connectors to attach it to the walls. There may be certain designs that require a metal header for structure, but we use a small profile that minimizes what is seen. Our consultants can discuss design options with you.  Take a look at the pictures in our Shower Design Gallery for some examples.

Are there any advantages of a frameless enclosure?

We believe so. An all-glass enclosure is more aesthetically pleasing than other shower designs, and it increases the value of your home. Also, if you have beautiful tile or marble on your shower walls, you don’t want to cover it up with lots of metal.

Are all frameless showers the same?

Absolutely not! We install what we call “true” frameless units which use only small clamps to securely hold the glass to the walls and floors. This design requires more skill to measure and to install, but gives a much cleaner, less metal look. Some other companies use metal channel to attach the glass, but we believe this is inferior because the glass is not mechanically held in place like our clamps do. Also, using channel results in more metal which tends to reduce the beauty of the unit.

Should I use 3/8" thick or 1/2" thick glass for my frameless enclosure?

That depends on several factors such as the size of each panel of glass and the height of the unit. Most of the time, 3/8" thick glass is fine. Our experts will evaluate your situation and make a recommendation that is right for your enclosure.

We have hard water that stains - do you have anything that helps keep the glass clean?

We sure do!  Clearlight is a certified installer of the premiere surface protector on the market today called Diamon-Fusion®. It forms a bond with the glass and repels water, keeping stains at bay. For more details, take a look at our Diamon-Fusion link on our web site's home page.

I’m on a limited budget. Do you offer something that is less expensive than true frameless?

We understand about budgets and properly controlling the investment in your home. We can install a semi-frameless unit that uses thinner 1/4" thick glass that is more price friendly. Since we make the units ourselves, we can offer this thicker glass for virtually the same price as other companies charge for thinner units. The term “semi-frameless” refers to a design style that uses metal around the perimeter of the shower, but eliminates the metal wrapped around the door. We have also pioneered a frameless corner that really helps upgrade the look of our framed units versus the industry standard.  Our consultants can show you several examples of our work to help you decide.

How tall will my enclosure be?

Since we custom build specifically for you, we can make it any height. Our experts will evaluate the specifics of your shower including wall heights, location of decorative tiles, and shower head(s) height, and will recommend a height that is optimal.

How wide should my door be?

Doors can be any width up through 36". We like to use at least 24" wide or more, usually 30" if possible. We will gladly discuss which width will be optimal for your situation.

I would like you to design and install my shower - what are the next steps?

After discussing some of the details of your project with us, we can provide you with a very good ball park estimate of what your enclosure will cost.  The most important consideration before we can actually begin making your custom shower is that all of the places where the glass will touch must be completely finished. This is because we take very precise measurements. So, if the walls or curb is not done, then we need to wait until they are 100% before we schedule a time to come out.  After our expert installer has taken careful measurements, we prepare the contract details so there are no surprises.  And once we get your approval, we begin the fabriacation of your custom enclosure.

How soon can you install my enclosure?

Once we take the final measurements and get your approval on the contract, it usually takes an average of 10-15 working days to custom fabricate all of the pieces of your shower, get it tempered for safety, acquire the hardware, do the final quality inspection, and get your installation on our schedule.  We hope you understand that quality work takes more time.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes we do. Clearlight uses the highest quality materials that should last a long, long time if properly maintained. We provide everyone with care instructions backed up by a written warranty. Our consultants will be happy to review the details with you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. To begin work, we require a 50% deposit and the balance is due when your shower is complete and you are pleased with our work.