Thickness Guidelines

Below are some general suggestions on which thickness of glass and mirror can be used for your project.  FYI, all glass is made in metric units, so there will always be slight variances due to production tolerances and the conversion to English units. 

3/32" Thick (2.5 mm)

  • Picture frames
  • Small insulated glass units
  • Cannot be tempered

1/8" Thick (3.2 mm) 

  • Insulated glass units
  • Small cabinet door panels
  • Some specialty glass

5/32" Thick (4.0 mm) 

  • Insulated glass units
  • Small cabinet door panels
  • Most specialty glass

3/16" Thick (4.7 mm)

  • Insulated glass units
  • Larger cabinet door panels
  • Not recommended for protective table tops
  • Smaller mirrors

1/4" Thick (5.7  mm)

  • All general glass applications
  • Larger mirrors
  • Not recommended for table tops

3/8" Thick (9.5 mm)

  • Shower doors and enclosures
  • Shelves
  • Table tops
  • Larger door panel inserts

1/2" Thick (11.5 mm)

  • Larger shower doors and enclosures
  • Larger shelves
  • Larger table tops
  • Countertops

3/4" Thick (19.0 mm)

  • Very large table tops
  • Very large shelves
  • Larger countertops
  • Industry quality standards does allow for minor bubbles to be present in 3/4" thick glass


Please note that Clearlight does not warrant the application of its products. It is up to the purchaser to make the determination of applicability for their specific situation.