What is Diamon-Fusion?

Diamon-Fusion is a patented nano-technology that improves and protects the surface of glass. Its award-winning protective coating can be easily applied during the manufacturing process or installed on existing surfaces in homes and businesses.

In a multi-step process, Diamon-Fusion forms a permanent bond with glass that produces a very thin, transparent protective layer making the surface significantly easier to clean and more resistant to soap scum, bacteria, dirt, grime, and weathering. This glass surface protection is clear and is guaranteed not to discolor, chip, haze, or peel off.

Many of our products are perfect candidates for this glass surface protection. Clearlight Glass and Mirror recommends using Diamon-Fusion coating on the following products:

  • Shower enclosures
  • Skylights
  • Windows
  • Railings
  • Storefronts
  • Tabletops
  • Bar tops
  • Decorative glass

Although the coating does not completely eliminate the need for cleaning, it dramatically reduces routine maintenance. You should routinely rinse the surface with cool water, and occasionally wipe with mild soap and a non-abrasive pad. Never use harsh chemicals nor abrasive pads.

Diamon-Fusion warranty

Diamon-Fusion® Patented Nano-Coating guarantees that treated surfaces will remain more repellent than untreated glass for the lifetime of the glass if the maintenance procedures are followed and no harsh, abrasive cleansers are used. Read more about the warranty here.

Depending on its use and exposure, the surface’s water-sheeting performance may decrease over time. In this case, the coating may require “revitalization” to restore it to its original condition. Clearlight Glass and Mirror can provide you with a revitalization product for you to apply.

If you accidentally damage your Diamon-Fusion treated surface, we can help! Unlike other glass surface protectors, Diamon-Fusion can be repaired in your home or business by our certified technicians.

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